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Admiralty Island rests between Juneau and Sitka. The island is designated as Admiralty National Monument, Tongass National Forest and Kootznoowoo Wilderness Preserve.  Commonly known as "Fortress of the Bears" for its large brown bear population, the island is also known for its high concentration of nesting bald eagles, migrating humpback and killer whales and its impressive tidal action.

The Tlingit community of Angoon is located on an isthmus that separates Kootznoowoo Inlet from Chatham Strait. Most of the towns' residents overlook Chatham Strait; while Angoon Trading Co. hugs the cliffs of the inlet. Perched above the headwaters of Mitchell Bay, Angoon Trading Co. offers everything from groceries, lumber, hardware, appliances, plumbing and heating supplies to clothes, beading and craft supplies, specialty gifts and souvenirs.

Angoon is the only year round settlement on Admiralty Island. With approximately 500 residents, this small rural community is the ideal location for outdoor activities like fishing, hunting, hiking and kayaking.

Angoon is a predominately Tlingit village with a rich cultural history. Many community members still practice subsistence hunting and gathering.

Angoon Trading Co.

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10. Gabriel John 19.1 pounds
Angoon's 8th Annual King Salmon Derby
June 8-June 22

The Leader Board as of June 18, 2013

1. Marsha Askoak  39.7 pounds
2. Bebucks Kookesh 29.1 pounds
3. Pauline Jim 25.8 pounds
4. Kirk Sharp 25.6 pounds
5. Marcus Jamestown 25.2 pounds
6. CHris Williams 24.8 pounds
7..Kwan Bales 24.3 Pounds
8. Rosanna Williams 22.5 pounds
9. Mary Beth Duncan 21.9 pounds
10, Jeanette Kookesh 21.6 pounds
11. Wally Frank 21.4 pounds
12. raymond Willis III 21.3 pounds
13. Gabriel John 19.1 pounds
14. Leonard Demmert Sr. 19.1 pounds
15. James Wilson 18.3 pounds
16. Casey Meyers 18.1 Pounds (First Derby Entry)
17. Barbara Oleman 17.9 Pounds
18. Tina Gamble 17.8 Pounds
19. Lawrence Nelson 17.7 pounds
20. Kelly Williams 17.3 Pounds
21. Jeff George 16.9 Pounds
22. Ivan Williams 16.4 Pounds
23. Demetrius Johnson 16.3 pounds
24. Frank McCluskey Sr. 15.1 pounds
25. Doris Williams 14.4 Pounds
26. Donovan Jacobs 14.7 pounds
 27. Robert Dorsey 14.6 pounds
28. Roger Williams 14.2 PoundS

Also a special thanks to the following contributors to this year's derby!

1. $700 cash (Seakaska and Plumbing and Heating Company)

2. $500 cash (City of Angoon)

3. 1 Round trip ticket Angoon-Juneau (Alaska Seaplanes)

4. 50 gallons #1 delivered (Angoon Oil)

5.  2 night stay at Driftwood Lodge

6. Stern survival suit (Kootz Lodge)

7. Mountain bike (Odom/Coca Cola)

8. Fish cooler (Peter Duncan)

9. $100 certificate for electric bill (Angoon Community Association)

10. $100 certificate for gas (Angoon Community Association)

11. $100 certificate to Jerry's Meats

12. $100 certificate to Nugget Alaskan Outfitters

13. Dinner for 2 at Favorite Bay Sports Fishing Lodge

14. Carhartt style jacket (Lynden Transportation/AML

15. $50 certificate to Western Auto

16. $50 cash (IPEC)

17. $50 cash (Greens Creek)

18. $50 cash (Greens Creek)

19. 5 cases of Pepsi (Northern Sales)

20. 10 gallons highway gas (Angoon Oil)

21. 6 dozen homemade chocolate chip cookies (Favorite Bay Inn B&B)

22. Neoprene vest (THRHA)

23. Berry bucket (SEARHC)

24. Steak and crab dinner (Whaler's Cove Lodge)

25. Steak and crab dinner (Whaler's Cove Lodge)

26. Heritage Coffee gift set

27. Alaskan Brewing Co. shirt with can hugger, lure and bottle opener

28. Alaskan Brewing Co. t-shirt with can hugger, lure and bottle opener

29. Backpack with water bottles (THRHA)

30. Denim shirt (THRHA)

$100 cash for the most weight turned in by a female (Greens Creek)

$100 cash for the most weight turned in by a male (Greens Creek)

$100 cash for the first fish turned in for the 2013 derby (North Pacific Erectors)

Thanks to all the sponsors that donated cash and prizes. Also a big thanks to Angoon Trading Co. for daily weigh-ins, pictures and helping us host this event.

For a complete list of derby winners visit Admiralty Research and Development on facebook or check out their blog.



or information regarding previous events and updates visit our                                                  
Pictures of derby winners and their prizes can be found on the Admiralty Research and Development facebook page and will be uploaded to our blog in the next few days.
Angoon Trading Co. has been serving the needs of  the community of  Angoon over 50 years.

We want to do more than just serve the needs of the community - we want to serve your needs as well.

Our staff is committed to providing quality goods and services to you, our customers.

We sell groceries, gifts and souvenirs, plumbing and heating supplies, building materials, clothing, hunting and fishing licenses and supplies, beading and crafting materials and more. We are experienced shippers.

If there's an item you want, but don't see it listed
contact us for additional options.

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